Monday, 27 July 2009

You WILL vote for us . . .

"Total Politics," which seems to be a wider vehicle for the Tory blogger and libeler Ian Dale and other neo nasty propagandists, has an undeserved credibility largely based on NOT being a Paul Staines org, and puffing itself up as though it amounted to much.

They run an annual popularity contest for blogs, and, of course, as there is a Labour Government and people prefer complaining to praising, the growth of blogging has run with a growth in blogs attacking Labour, usually deceitfully.

Small wonder then that to vote in their contest one must vote for TEN blogs, puffing up more blogs than most of us would care to read on a regular basis.

Just another Con trick.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Clarkson, Conservative

Pretty typical:

I recall another who liked, repeatedly to say that he would like to kick Gordon Brown's head off, and "take a dump" down his neck.

The Guardian is now another Conservative "Newspaper".

I worry about the repercussions for conservatives if their tactics remain successful.

Kafka would have had a story for this.