Friday, 24 July 2009

Clarkson, Conservative

Pretty typical:

I recall another who liked, repeatedly to say that he would like to kick Gordon Brown's head off, and "take a dump" down his neck.

The Guardian is now another Conservative "Newspaper".

I worry about the repercussions for conservatives if their tactics remain successful.

Kafka would have had a story for this.


  1. Oh, and the first time I read the "c" word online it spewed from the pen of a right wing tory calling herself Mrs Trellis, on the Dully Tele blogs off course . . .

    How many times did she deny it, claiming that she had written "c*n't" and not "c*nt" . . ???

    And what kinds of language did her foul mouthed "colleagues" use of those who opposed them?

  2. I don't know? Did they call them tw*ts? It's all that nasty Dave Cameron's fault. Nobody swore until he came along!

  3. Clarkson evidently did, and I have my suspicions that Chameleon may not have been alone the while . . .

  4. The only trouble is, Clarkson is a very popular man and a lot of people seem to be agreeing with him. Give Jeremy a break, he is quite probably the only conservative still employed by the BBC. It must be terribly annoying being surrounded by New Labour sheep constantly. Enough to drive one to swear profusely!

  5. I have decided to sack him, poor review of a Bentley, cad's a bounder, down the pave.

    Nick Robinson, BBC Chief political panjandrum & former National Chairman of the Young Conservatives goes rather conservative when it seems to matter I always find . . .

  6. He always seemed a bit of a labour toady to me...that was until his glorious week on Newsnight where the programme was the best it had been in years. He was as impartial as they come, taking on both sides. And Clarkson always did prefer a Rolls Royce to a Bentley (which is as chavvy as a luxo-barge for the mega-rich can be.)

  7. Oh BTW I do wonder whether he might be signed up as one of Johnson B's Deputy Mayors - he has the spec to a "c", has he not?

    Sorry, Bob, you are obviously not out of the right social bracket, nor garagiste enough to suit.

    Perhaps Bojo is phasing them out mind:

  8. Clarkson off course, in a fair world Robinson would be returned to Macclesfield and denied access to old Trafford for some years.


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