Sunday, 7 June 2009

A Libel settled - Tom Watson Vs Associated Liars

Try for the full sp.

Wish all MPs were so stern as to sue and publicise their successful actions.

I wonder why Osborne won't sue re the N o W accusations that he and a prostitute took cocaine together, especially as he is extremely rich and can well afford to.

I would welcome news of any action against the Dully Tele, who most clearly deserve a battalion of successful litigants.


  1. Don't have a lot of time for Tom Watson, for his act of perfidy towards Blair. But in

    this perhaps he is setting a good example.

    On another important issue regarding press lies and distortions.

    Unless something is done about it well before it starts - that means NOW - this upcoming
    Iraq Inquiry could be completely skewed by the press's opinions.

  2. Ahahahahahahahahaha! :o)

    Aww! How sweet!

    The two of you . . . re-united and it feels so goooooood!


  3. Well Blair Friend, I bet your Tone has forgiven and forgotten far worse. Wasn't it grewat that Andrew Brown's libel suit v Associated press re the cleaning bills for the flay he and Gordon shared was so successful?

    Poor 'oonter sounds rather sad, Jock no mates I guess. sad too that he was once a Tony Blair supporter, but fell to his incomprehensions, idealists and those who wannabe idealists sometimes fall that way.

  4. Hi QZ,

    Well if he hadn't forgiven those he disagreed with he'd have gone round the twist by now, like poor Daid Shayler.


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