Saturday, 23 May 2009

Tory Lies (4) :barclays Dully Tele Guido Fawkes Lumley sham

How despicable can the Dully Tele get?

They tolerate the homophobic libels of Lumley (see my blog post 1 above), delete my responses and the quite unimpeachable original comments to which the rabid raving rabbit took objection . . 

They allow posters to copy libels from Guido's blog, which in situ, were protected by his company being registered in the WIndies . .  (Paul Staines in turn refused to publish my allegations re that on his blog, while immediately publishing the low down on la dolally Lumley . . )

Now they have deleted Nadine Dorries' efforts on their own site:

Dorries may be a loopy cuckoo in the Tory nest, tolerated for her lively and bouncing persona, but it is all part of a pattern of Dully Propaganda for the extreme right, not the actions of a freedom loving, if irracible Telegraph of old. 

And people are cottoning on, Labour's better than expected rating in the latest Euro-election oriented poll suggests that . . .

Shurely shome libertarian shlepping shocker - eh what?

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