Monday, 4 May 2009

Harriet says it all: The campaign of Tory abuse and Libels (2)

Says it all really . . 

The Dully Tele lied to make a story about Labour splits . . . Leadership travails & etc Brown on his way out . . the long knives are out . . .

The scunners were caught out again! On a quiet news day through the determination and bravery of Ms Harman the BBC had no choice but to show Harriet's copy of the Dully with the 'story' denied.

BUT that didn't stop them showing the original over and over again though.

Oh, and a nice bank holiday obsession re B Johnson and Mrs Thatcher - eh? What?

Neow why might anyone think that the Dully Tele/Ashcroft/tory plan is:

1 Get rid of Brown by any means possible - abuse and libel not a problem

2 Win election with Pinnochio Cameron apparently i/c Conservative Party

3"Give way" to "popular" demand for G Osborne/B Johnson leadership as soon as Cameron falters and redraw Great Britain's economic, democratic and social structure - plutocracy, anti muslim racist legislation, low tax for rich, more decontrolled private rented housing,  private police forces, sell off the BBC etc



  1. Well I suppose Harriet Harknot has changed her mind now, womans perogative. Sorry oh, but most of us rightie babes get our gen from YOUR Dully Telly, so don't call everyone SCUNNERS please.

    Yeh I hear things will be all rightie again next year, nah not the government but the economy. Boris Johnson will be Con leader I think, and Purdie will be the great Avenger in charge of Londinieum, you will lurv that wont ya?

  2. scun·ner (skŭn'ər)
    n. A strong dislike; an aversion.

    [From Middle English skunner, to shrink back in disgust, from scurnen, to flinch

    Reasonable response to lies, abuse & etc.


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