Sunday, 3 May 2009

The campaign of Tory Abuse and libels (1)

A doctrine of overwhelming abusive libel is in train to drive an elected government from office. I call it the Staines Doctrine, because those on the Daily Telegraph Blogs and other propaganda efforts seem to have an almost sybaritic pleasure in aping the worst excesses of Paul Staines’ Guido Fawkes site. Journos like Simon Heffer run parallel to such molestations.

A topical example I cite involves a poster using the screen name Patsy Redeyes, who originally called herself Patsy Greeneyes and displayed an avatar picture of the actress Ms Lumley. She used homophobic obscene abuse of the PM and those of her fellow posters who took generally pro Labour views on the Daily Telegraph blogs. A similar poster may be found on Guido Fawkes using Joanna Lumley’s name.

I objected to the Telegraph (or Dully Tele, as seems appropriate) and some were removed. I copied some before they went.

Thinking that Ms Lumley’s good name was being abused by some lunatic I phoned her Literary Agent to explain. The lady I spoke to suggested I try her Theatrical Agent, which I did leaving a message.

An hour or so later Patsy Redeyes wrote as follows:

On Iain Martin's post In punishing aspiration Labour is committing electoral suicide

“Aw shucks Baron and there was me thinking you didn't care,oh dear, I think i'm gonna cry.”


On Iain Martin's post In punishing aspiration Labour is committing electoral suicide

“Ms Lumley,Ms Lumley?

“How very dare you,Patsy Redeyes,IF you don't mind,these Redeyes were very expensive don't ya know.”

Almost all my posts on this blog have been removed. Only one of them - in which I suggested that women obsessed with their phobia about male homosexuality, as Ms Lumley evidently is, may have a reason for some sort of jealousy - deserved to be removed, and I asked for it to be removed myself, rather more speedily than the female poster who claims there that she did. As she used the “c” word on another occasion her bona fides as a defender of public decency is somewhat flawed.

Who goes back to remove posts in this fashion? Or at least ask for them to be removed? Is it the same Cameron thrall who changed the details about the painter Titian on Wiki to suit Cameron’s error when challenging Gordon Brown over the date of the painter’s death?

Does Lord Ashcroft, of Belize, whose contributions to the Tory operation are now subject to serious question by the authorities, bankroll this aspect of the Tory propaganda machine? Perhaps his minions had warned Cameron about standing so close to Lumley - he did look very uncomfortable, didn't he?

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