Monday, 10 August 2009

Iain Dale, wannabe tumbril maker . . .

Not really surprising that tory blogger and libeler Iain Dale weighed in so heavily against Baron Sugar who has taken against his abuser and libeler Quentin Letts, attack dog on the loose, whom even a few decent tories despise.

Nor is it surprising that the following did not find space in his current column targeted at Margaret Moran, who is said to be unwell:

We all recall Iain and other tory trolls and commentators calling for Ray Mawby, tory MP for the old Totnes constituency, who spent most of his time in the House of Commons playing the fruit machines in one of the bars there, to resign and be replaced off course . . .

We await Chameleon's insistence that the front bench tories whose time spent on "interests" in which they have "earned" substantial sums to augment their parliamentary salaries forthwith cease these; how can they follow both their front bench roles, their other parliamentary duties and assiduously serve their constituents in the social work style role to which Iain refers here? Oh, and actually Do any work for the "Interest"?

Funnily enough Chameleon hasn't called for the head of Wm Hague . . . If the local labour party find a few peed off constituents will Iain be championing their cause? But Chameleon really does deserve the "H" word in spades . . .

Perhaps someone will be checking Nadine Dorries' casebook? She claimed that several of her colleagues were suffering depression, and feared suicides . . . Perhaps some bold blogger will be asking the staff on Nadine's lists if they want to rat on their employers, should they not be on top form at present? Some of them may fear the future and look to the press for a consideration?

The nouveau garagistes may well be disappointed:

Tendention, thy temper is tory.

I might have added that Iain's claim here:

Some of her constituents are now turning to Conservative candidate Nigel Huddleston, who is dealing with a whole series of issues which would normally be handled by the MP.

is fiddle faddle. When I was a Labour Agent it was quite common for the Labour and Liberal Prospective Parliamentary Candidates to take up matters which the then Tory MP might have dealt with. The fact the local tory Ratworthy, anticipating his life's desire, imagines he is fighting the corner of someone with a problem is neither here nor there.

But then Iain is just another tory propagandist back from his hols, hoping to have an influence should the tories get to tinker with our Parliament . . .

A list please, of the Tory MPs of whom Mr Dale's sharp political antennae have detected minor clamour for recalls to the tumbrils . . .

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