Thursday, 13 August 2009

Tories; Liars & thieves accuse Labour . . .

Poor old Chameleon does seem to catch crabs at every turn of his boat nowadays - eh? It isn't just Osborne, Lord Laidlaw and the usual suspects . . .

Amusing that "Watergate" is being brought into the party political equation as thought it was Labour or HMG which had:

Employed an Editor who had to resign because people he paid were hacking other peoples' mobile phones, including the Deputy Prime Minister Prescott;

Advised a wanna be candidate to join the Home Office to leak to the Tory Front Bench;

Fenced stolen material from the Fees office around Fleet St and sold it to the telegraph for a suspected hundreds of thousands of pounds;

Stolen emails from a Civil Servant re a proposed campaign, most of which was moonshine;

Published the libelous aspects of that proposaed campaign and been sued for libel and had to apologise to Mrs Osborne.

Nope, it was the Tories and their supporters wot dunnit. As usual.

Duncan's cack handed humour is tosh, and Chameleon's apologies are hypocritical cant.

If the media was remotely neutral the Met and other relevant authorities would have prosecuted a fair few of the real miscreants I am sure.

If none of those whose expenses were seriously fraudulent are prosecuted either, it is time those there who may anticipate changes of government and so backpedal at every opportunity were sacked.


  1. Hello McBride. Not done smearing yet?

  2. Mercy me!

    I should have added: "deluded liars."

    Never too late!

    I wonder if Mr Cameron would think THIS anon was "eccentric" or a "twat"?


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