Tuesday, 25 August 2009

"The Strange History of Mr Chameleon"

Unbelievable account of various matters in "The History of Mr Chameleon" who was:

nearly sacked from Eton for smoking a "spliff," but whose family standing rescued him from that fate which had befallen others less well connected;

after he was 16, when he claims he "turned his life around," he joined Oxford's notorious Bullingdon Club, long notorious for its drunken smashing of restaurants and so forth (even smashing a stradivarius violin at one point in the past), most notably George Osborne and Boris Johnson were also members, but they didn't quit before their final year there as
Cameron did;

when he was a young buck about town working as a PR man for a TV company he took cocaine, I suspect that he might now say to himself "We all did," but he is self deluding on that as much else.

In fact the most odious part of this interview is his inclusion with all his lies and misrepresentations of what should have remained private information about his feelings about his dead son, Ivan Cameron.

David Cameron has no shame.

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