Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Reclusive tax Exile Barclay Bros Daily Telegraph abuses PM's sons.

The Daily Telegraph is reported to be likely to make a private apology for publishing a picture of the PM's two sons.

The PM's sympathy for David Cameron when his disabled son Ivan died was palpable, for the Browns have lost a very young child also.

On the day of Ivan Cameron's funeral a leading blogger there wrote on the topic. Daniel Hannan speculating about how treatment of such matters has changed of late I recall.

Two of the "commenters" there decided to desecrate that thread by discussing, lyingly, the court case in which Lord Ahmed, a Labour Peer, was the defendant.

Such people are much given to using words like "scum ." In truth their own natures and possible uses couldn't aspire . . . . .


  1. The children of the PM will grow up, and in turn court their own publicity re writing about their elderly father or indeed not being able to come up to their fathers strict Presbyterian standards.

    Such is the way it is with fathers and their children.

    The broadsheet culture is a strange creature to follow. They may be in competition with these ghastly coffee table weeklies , perhaps the young enthusiastic journos mix and match a bit- yes , strange times for the excitable world of journalism !

  2. I doubt they will use their father to court publicity, just as Brown's brother Andrew and his journalist wife have only been drawn into the media circus around Brown because of libel so far as I can see.

    You will not find many references to Clare Brown's account of their ordeal, nor to the Brown's success in the libel claim against merely ONE newspaper.

    The billionaire press and the party they brought like to keep such things as quiet as possible . . .


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